Greek Social Workers express their solidarity with the Turkish people and social work practitioners

The Social Work Action Network of Greece expresses solidarity with citizens and social workers in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey who have been demonstrating against Turkish government authoritarianism.

We, as social workers, support people’s struggle for their fundamental human right, to the freedom of speech. We stand with the people of Turkey who fight in the forefront despite the state repression and the murderous attacks against them.

We welcome the fact that the Turkish Association of Social Workers actively participates in the demonstrations and calls for all social workers to join the people of Turkey in their struggles. Turkish social workers have already arranged groups to provide psycho-social support to citizens during protests in Taksim-Square and other parts of the country.

We stand by the people of Turkey who protest and our colleagues’ initiative to support the struggle of the turkish people.

Today, more than ever, social workers should not be passive or indifferent towards human rights violations. We, as social workers, fight for social justice and social change. Our Turkish colleagues’ slogan “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism” is also our slogan.


Social Work Action Network of Greece



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  1. Reblogged this on social work action network Ireland and commented:
    The Social Work Action Network in Ireland are proud to also stand in solidarity with our Turkish colleagues who are engaged in the current struggles.



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